Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things you should keep in your bag

Things you should always carry in your bag and belong in your go- to kit

1. Make-up and Mirror- wheather you are doing a quick retouch or just take a peek to see if you have anything beetween your teeth makeup and mirror is always must have

2. Wallet and money- you already know why we need this in our bag

3. Pen - you should always have pen in your bag in case you have to take down important impormation

4. Cologne or perfume - carry a perfume or cologne which has light. It refreshes you instantly and also keeps the body odor away.

5. Feminine wipes and tissue paper- always keep a pocket tissue to wipe your face or anything and feminine wipes help you clean gently and feel fresh any time

6. Sanitizer- its a quick alternative to hand washing it also leave your hand bacterial free

7. Umbrella - to protect us from unexpected storms

There you go i always bring those items in my bag


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