Sunday, July 14, 2013

hayan korean slim lipstick and glitter lipgloss: Lovely lips! Lively lips! elegant Lips

Have you guys heard of hayan korea before? Hayan means naturally fair or clearly white in korean. Hayan korea are dedicated to providing active, innovative and effective beauty care for their clients, "hayan" is a words thats best represents what company stands for they have everything you need when it comes to beauty and caring products, and one of their products under the makeup and caring line the hayan slim lipstick and glitter lip gloss slim lipstick color #L210 glitter lip gloss #T301 Hayan Slim lipstick shade color #L210 vibrant shades that stay true for hours with the conditioning formula of a lip gloss. Its unique formulation allows it to naturally adhere to the lips for long lasting wear, sleek texture and consistensy provide natural color and feather-proof coverage for a satin soft finish the packaging looks expensive and elegant but really its cheaper hayan glitter lipgloss shade color #T301 it leaves a dewy consistency as it locks moisture in, keeping your lips highly moisturized for hours, it glides easily, it soften lips the natural lip color is enchanced and stays beautifully shiny for a long tim hayan korea lipgloss - hayan korea slim lipstick

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Shoes can make or break an outfit and there's no better way to jazz up an outfit than a pair of black pumps a basic (but sexy) black pumps are wardrobe essentials that can turn the most casual outfit to an ultra chic look And this Sexy Round Closed Toe Lace Super High Stiletto Platform Black Pumps from can make your outfit extra stylish the upper material of this pumps are made from lace make this black pumps a little dressier and extra stylish and it only cost $13.04 if you are on a tight budget (like me lol) this pumps are perf. visit offers great varieties of shoes, clothing, and accessories at cheap and affordable prices so what do you think about this pumps the red sole very louboutin right?