Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pressed or loose eyeshadow

Pressed eye shadow is my favorite we all probably use pressed eye shadow this is the most standard and basically just super versatile and maybe because all of us uses pressed eyeshadow

Loose eyeshadow i think is such a messy and cause serious mess on your counters and your makeup to go kit

but there's one thing i love about the loose powder PIGMENTS Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains
ingredients to help it adhere to the
skin and it is highly pigmented, which means the color lasts longer, is more vivid, multi purpose and can use as

*Eye Shadow



*Nail polish

*Lip gloss and lipstick

Isn't amazing you can do everything with pigments you can use it wet or dry and the possibilites are endless

But at the end of the day i always love the pressed eyeshadow there are lot of highly quality pressed eyeshadow with good pigmentation and in fact there's nothing you can really get from a loose eyeshadow that you can't really get from a pressed eyeshadow and pressed are so convienient and travel-friendly


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