Friday, July 27, 2012


Im happy i've found their amazing site and products cause i've been searching for a perfect foundation that will suite my over oily skin

Let me tell you some about the site and their brands.. Just in case you're unaware of the brand

Mineral hygienics is one of the premier cosmetics manufacturers recognized worldwide for having the best mineral cosmetics

They're so generous to send me 5 items
2 shades of foundation in medium and light tan, Finishing powder, mineral enhancer and kabuki brush.

and the package comes with a small book that contains tips and tricks on how to achieve certain looks and their products


Mineral foundation- made with pure high quality mineral light to full coverage depending on how it is applied, great for every skin type it has four ingriedients only

* Titanium dioxide

* Zinc oxide

* Mica

* Iron oxide

,it does`nt feel like your wearing any make up at all, it gives long lasting coverage and allow your skin to breathe

Available in 14 shades from fairest to dark

They eliminated the harmful ingriedients most commonly found in other cosmetics like talc,perfume,dyes, and many more

And now the swatches

it blend well in my skin it matches the skin tone very well, they're so soft and creamy to feel, flawless and perfect coverage.. love it

Kabuki brush

so soft because it made up of natural hair.. uses for full coverage and blending of foundation

go natural visit Mineral hygienics now and if you decided to make a purchase use code fashionnmadness for a 10% off

in case you did`nt know your skintone go here to find the perfect shade of foundation that matches your skintone


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